2nd January 2020

Jatinder Singh Durhailey on the East Coast in India

I took this Image in January 2020 in Auroville. Jatinder, a painter and musician was my subject and I wanted to capture his personality in a way that was never done before. To showcase Jatinder’s strong persona and personality, that even the powerful tides couldn’t move him. The unwavering stillness was only possible if I, as a photographer mimicked his movement and stood as strong as him facing the tides. Right after a strong wave hit Jatinder ’s back, it was headed towards me. I was engrossed in taking the perfect frame and did not realize the wave rushing toward me. I was sure about the shot and that was all that mattered. Right, when I took the shot, the wave hit me, and I lost my footing and slipped into the water along with my camera. As soon as I recovered, I took the memory card out without any thought about the camera. After taking a deep breath the realization hit me, that my beloved camera is no more. That’s how my year 2020 started. Nevertheless no regrets. But I will always remember this last photograph.

A part of an ongoing ‘untitled’ series.

Auroville, 2020

In the Photo: Jatinder Singh Durhailey
Art Direction & Styling: Naveli Choyal

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